Saturday, 6 July 2013

Leonard Evetts at St.Nicolas, Durham

I had gone to Durham mainly to look at the cathedral, which I did, though I can bring you no pictures of windows for there as they didn't allow photography. While wandering around the town later on I found St Nicolas' church in the market square, which did allow me to take pictures. There isn't a great deal of stained glass in there but there are two very pleasant windows by Leonard Evetts from the early 1960s. This website claims that he is probably the most prolific british stained glass artist - perhaps it's right, he certainly has over 300 windows to his name as far afield as New Zealand. He also painted watercolours, published a book on Roman lettering which ran to eight reprints and advised the War Office on camouflage during the war.

This window is in the main body of the church.

I walked right past this one initially, it's in an area now partitioned off for a Fairtrade shop - not where I was expecting to find stained glass.

The signature from the first window.

I don't know anything about this window at all but since it's the only other one I could see in the church, I'll pop it on for completeness.


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  2. Great concept. Looking forward to your posts here. The last window has me humming Handel now.

  3. Great idea Sandy, I've a feeling this is going to be a quite a colourful and illuminating blog.

  4. Thanks Dave and Jim, I've got plenty to post on here - it certainly should be colourful I hope. I'd be posting it right now if my offshore band width would let me load the pages correctly. I'll just have to wait till later.