Monday, 29 July 2013

Gallery windows in at St Columba's in Largs

The North and South galleries in St Columba's in Largs have windows, that though exactly the same shape are very different in style. The north window is by Winfield of Birmingham (I found no information about them online) and using patterned areas the window is divided into definate four definate scenes from the life of Christ related to the Sea of Galilee. Top left - Jesus calms the waters. Top right - preaching on the shores of the lake. Bottom left - Jesus walks on water and Peter has a go but sinks. Bottom right - after a terrible night's fishing Simon Peter returns to the sea on Jesus' instruction and get a great catch.

The South gallery window is a much busier affair made by The Stephen Adam Studio in Glasgow. The bottom half I think is supposed to represent Earth with the birth of Christ on the left and his going to Calgary on the right with a poor and rich man inbetween. Above that, I think, the heavens with angels and (according to the guide book) Apostles Prophets and Martyrs. There one in there carrying a tablet which I imagine to be Moses. The window might not tell as clear a tale as the one opposite it but it certainly is quite striking.


  1. I like the first window slightly better, although as you say the second window is stunning too. No dates on these I see but the second window seems to have Pre-Raphaelite leanings, or am I wrong? I love this blog of yours, it was a brilliant idea of yours :)

  2. Val, I quite agree. The first window seems more charming - there's a more trying to tell the story and a bit less trying to dazzle us with artistic flash. Mm yes, that second last picture I've posted with Mary and the baby Jesus, don't they all just have lips lift straight from a Rossetti (it's about as preraff as you can get)