Friday, 12 July 2013

Douglas Strachan at Dunblane Cathedral

You may remember in my main blog a few week ago there was a spectacular window by Douglas Strachan in St.Giles Cathedral. There are another four in Dunblane Cathedral (one of which I showed here). They are more modest in both size and extravagance of execution. Though with less "Cor Blimey" factor about them, the strength of character in his figures is certainly no less.

The first two window here are in the chapter house. This window shows figures of local and Scottish significance. In the centre below Christ is St. Andrew.

Behind this First World War soldier is Bishop Maurice, who was Bishop of Dunblane in 1319 and 1322 to 1347. He was, more famously, chaplain to the Scottish army in 1314 and blessed the troops before Bannockburn.

St Blaan is an alternative spelling of St Blane after whom the town is named.

This window appears to be a straight forward scene from the Bible. It is, of course, the last supper. The other window of his in the chapter house (see my Witterings blog) similarly features a bible scene, Jesus healing the sick, without any further significance that I can see or that has been brought to my attention.

This larger window is to be found in the nave of the church. It features The baptism of Jesus by John the Baptist. This window was designed in 1926. I have no information about the dates of the chapter house windows, but considering the military theme of one and the fact the war memorials are in there, it might be reasonable to guess that they were made much closer to the end of the First War.


  1. Oh wow these are some amazing, breathtaking, and fantastic images. Wow...

  2. Thank you Optimistic Existentialist, and welcome.

  3. Magnificent Sandy, truly incredible photos!