Sunday, 21 July 2013

Gordon Webster at Dunblane Cathedral

As you walk in the door at Dunblane Cathedral, this window is opposite you. It's one of the later windows in the Cathedral, dating to 1968 and made by Gordon Webster. There isn't much information about Gordon Webster. He lived from 1908 till 1987 and his father, Alf Webster, made stained glass windows too. Alf died in 1915 and Gordon's mother looked after the firm until Gordon took over in 1929. Slightly confusingly the information I have also says that Douglas Hamilton looked after the firm in those years and he trained Gordon in stained glass.

They're lovely windows but I'm not sure about the thing with the blacked out eyes. I noticed that the Abbey Studio windows in the Fairmilehead church, two blogs ago, went in for the same thing. It's a little creepy.

There are another three windows by him in the chapter house. These are a little earlier at 1959, 1963 and 1966 (probably - I couldn't see the date very well because of the lip of the stone)


  1. I am not so sure about the blacked out eyes either Sandy, but if you read descriptions by people who say they have seen angels, this is just how they are described. I suppose showing the eyes in this way make the figures more mysterious maybe? Great photos :)

  2. You've probably noticed that Gordon Webster has turned up quite a lot in the first few blogs here - complete chance,I always seem to find a pile of something but it's interesting to see similar things in different places. I'm getting used to his eyes now and the ones in Greyfriars in Kirkcudbright seem kind and benevolant. There's more of him on the way in the not to distant future but this time from 1955 and before and no blacked out eyes - looks like there may be a change in eyes inbetween 1955 and 1959. What I need now is a great pile more to appear so we can see (he was very good at signing and dating windows which helps)