Friday, 7 March 2014

Crear McCartney at St Michael's, Linlithgow

In the South Trancept, or St Katherine's Aisle, of St Michael's church in Linlithgow is this spectacular window by Crear McCartney. It was installed in 1992 to mark the 750th anniversary of the consecration of the church. It is full of Christian symbolry, not just in Mr McCartney's glass but in the geometry of the window, determined centuries earlier when certain numbers were viewed to be significant in the Bible. - for example, 3 for the Trinity and 12 for the Apostles.

The Lamb of God, standing on the throne from which issues the river of life. The Greek letter Alpha and Omega are for the beginning and the end.

The Tree of Life.

Here we see the symbols of two of the Evangalists. Matthew is represented by the winged man and Luke by the winged bull. In another pane we can see the winger lion of Mark and eagle of John.

Around the rose part of the window are the symbols of the 12 Apostles. In the first picture you can see the well known key of St Peter at top and cross of St Andrew at the bottom. Other symbols were less well know to me. Here is the flaying knife of Bartholomew, the club of James the Less and below that are the building tools of Thomas.

The fish for Simon, the Halberd of Jude and the scallop shell of James the Great.

The chalice and serpent of John.

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