Thursday, 27 February 2014

James Ballantine at Greenbank Parish Church Edinburgh

I drive past the Greenbank Parish Church two or three times a month on my wanders. Truth be told, I really park the car nearby and take a bus - the battle with Edinburgh traffic and finding a parking space just isn't worth the while and I have friends nearby anyway that I like to visit. It just so happens that one day last year I hadn't any change for the bus so set out on foot and as I was passing the church anyway, I popped in. There is a church hall and community centre attached and my thanks go to the lady in the office who let me into the church itself to take pictures.

Today's blog has only one of the several excellent windows there in it, The Ministry of Music Window by James Ballantine in 1928. It is based around St Cecilia who is the patron saint (perhaps that is patroness) of music. I've seen several windows featuring St Cecilia around the country, they tend to be fairly cheery affairs.

James Ballantine was the third generation of and Edinburgh Stained Glass making family. The company name changes slightly over the years but at the time of this window it would have been A. Ballantine and Son (this webpage offers a good little potted history of the Ballantines at the top). Ballantine windows are quite common throughout Scotland and further afield and I have several grand examples on file already which are destined to find their way into this blog eventually.

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